Location Roadmac Surfacing Cape (Pty) Ltd Client
Mossel Bay, Western Cape South African National Roads Agency SOC Limited, Western Region

This 12-month project included the repair and Asphalt resurfacing of the N2 Section 6 between Mossel Bay and Groot Brak.

Major quantities included the following:

  • A-E1 Modified Asphalt Overlay on Ramps and Crossroads 4500 tons
  • Asphalt Patching 4500 tons
  • Rut Filling 320 m3 (Tosas)
  • Hydrocutting 250000m2 (Shisalanga)
  • ULM 22mm thick 600000m2

What makes this project special is that numerous synergies across the Raubex Group were required on this project.

  • Paving/Main Contractor: Roadmac Surfacing Cape
  • Rut Filling: Tosas
  • Hydrocutting: Shishalanga
  • UTFC Design: National Asphalt
  • Roadmarking: Centremark
  • Binder/Tack Supply: Tosas