Location Milling Techniks (Pty) Ltd Client
Umhlanga to Umdloti KZN

KZN Department of Transport

The MR398-1 links the KZN coastal towns of Umhlanga and Umdloti. The project entailed the rehabilitation of specific pavement sections on this road. The following works were undertaken during the contract:

  • Appropriate traffic accommodation measures
  • In situ recycling with 2.5% foamed bitumen and 1% cement
  • Mill sections of existing asphalt, transport to static processing plant and process a RAP/G2 blend with 2.2% foamed bitumen and 1% cement
  • Pave the processed material in a 150mm layer
  • Carry out improvements to the storm water drainage and sub soil drainage systems
  • Undertake correction or repair work to existing kerbs, channels and medians
  • Pave an asphalt layer and ultra-thin friction course
  • Install Guardrails where warranted
  • Erect Road Signs
  • Apply road markings and road studs
  • Landscaping and grass planting
  • Finish of Road Reserve