Location Roadmac Surfacing Cape (Pty) Ltd Client
Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape South African National Roads Agency SOC Limited, Southern Region

This project was on the National Route N2, section 11 between Bramlin (km 22.7) and the Salt Works (km 50.7) known as the Port Elizabeth Bypass.

The 18-month contract included the resurfacing of approximately 700,000 m2 of the N2 carriageway, 350,000 m² of ramps and crossroads on 11 Interchanges, Major Undercut and backfill of failed sections of the N2.

Major quantities included the following:

  • Asphalt Patching 16300 tons incl. HiMA
  • A-E2 Semi Gap graded Asphalt Overlay with rolled in chips 40500 tons
  • ULM 16000 tons
  • Chip & Spray Double Seal 225000m2
  • Construction of 687Dolosse

All Cross roads and some of the Ramps were done at night for the ease of traffic congestions.