Location Milling Techniks (Pty) Ltd Client
Volksrust Mpumalanga

South African National Roads Agency

The R23 National Road, connects Volksrust and Standerton in the Mpumalanga Province. The project entailed the partial reconstruction of about 27km of the R23 from Volksrust. The following works were undertaken during the contract:

  • Clearing and grubbing of the site
  • Temporary widening of the existing road to accommodate traffic
  • Relocation of utilities
  • Installation of new culverts
  • Installation of new subsoil drains
  • Construction of Concrete kerbing, channelling and lined drains
  • Construction of new pavement layers
  • Rehabilitation of existing pavement layers
  • Construction of asphalt layer and seals
  • Install Guardrails
  • Install Gabions and stone pitching
  • Erect Road Signs and Fencing
  • Apply road markings and road studs
  • Finish of Road Reserve
  • Landscaping and planting grass